February 5, 2023


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Content writing requires some  creative writing skills. Here at Techaxis Kenya, we believe in creating world class content for our customers.
Content that sets your post apart from the rest.

Good Content must contain the following;

1. Content should be original. 
The first pillar of high-quality and SEO-friendly content is  writing original content. Your blog post or your article should be  fresh, new and original. It should be different from all the other  blog posts and articles that are already on the internet. It should  be something that people want to read. Try to keep in mind that  original content doesn’t necessarily mean new content. For  example, giving your opinion on a certain topic, or giving a  structured overview of older information, also counts as original  content.

2. Content should be readable.
Your articles should be easy to read. Readability is important for  your audience. If your text is well-structured and clear, people  will understand the message of your text. Above that – as we’ve  seen before – readability is also important for SEO. People read  your text, but Google reads texts too. If your text is easier to read,  has a clear structure with subheadings and clear paragraphs,  Google is more likely to grasp the main message of your post. If  Google understands the message of your post, your post is more  likely to rank in the search engines.

3. Content should be find-able.
The final pillar of awesome and SEO-friendly content is to make  sure your content is find-able. Find-ability has to do with  maximizing the likelihood Google picks up your content in the  search engines. It’s important that you take this final step after  you’ve written an original and readable post. Find-ability should  never compromise the originality of your idea, nor the readability  of your text. Techaxis Kenya can help you fine-tune your text.

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