We’ve seen that readability is one of the key elements of great content.
But what makes a text readable and why is readability so important? And
how can the Techaxis Kenya help you with creating readable content?
Let’s explore this a little bit further.



The Importance of Great Content

We think high-quality content is one of the most important
requirements of a successful SEO strategy.
There are a couple of reasons why you should aim to produce great

Positive effects on SEO include;
1. Your message will come across better.
Every blog post has some kind of message. This message is the
purpose of that piece of writing: what do you want to say? What
should a reader take away from your piece? An article on your
website could, for instance, inform people about features of your
product. If your product page is poorly written, chances are high
that people won’t understand your message. If your piece is well
thought out, nicely structured and free of misspellings and typos,
chances are much higher that people understand the message of
your text.

2. A lower bounce rate.
If your content is well-written and nicely structured, chances are
much higher that readers will actually stay on your site to read
your post. That will result in lower bounce rates (the percentage
of people who land on your website, and do completely nothing
on the page they entered), and will eventually improve your
ranking in the search engines.

3. More trust.
High-quality pieces will lead to more trust from your readers. If
your content reads well and is free of typos, it will look much
more professional and legit. This will make it easier for people to
trust you and your blog. If people trust your blog, they’ll be much
more inclined to return to your website to read your next post, or
to buy your product.

4. More (social media) attention.
Attractive blog posts are more likely to be shared on social media
or talked about among friends. For a post to be shared on social
media, you first have to convince someone to read the piece itself.

1. We provide original content and make your work stand out from the rest.
2. We ensure our writing and content is readable both to your site visitors and the google crawlers as well.
3. Find-able content is the pillar of our work. SEO-friendly content is to make
sure your content is find-able. Find-ability has to do with
maximizing the likelihood Google picks up your content in the
search engines.

Kindly note that our charge rates are Ksh. 650 for a one page content (approximately 500 words)



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