Crown Micro Best Laptop Cooling Pad


Active cooling pad for laptop. This stand will help keep the laptop from overheating if there is insufficient cooling. It is also convenient to place the laptop on an uneven surface.




  • Stand: laptop with a diagonal of 12 “-15.6” (30.5 – 39.6 cm);
  • Two low-noise fan 12 cm with LED display;
  • Metal mesh for fast and efficient heat dissipation;
  • 5 levels of height adjustment;
  • 2 USB ports.

For diagonal notebook to 15.6″ (39,6 cm)

Universal Laptop Cooling Pad extends the service life and protects against lost productivity due to overheating and provides a comfortable position when using the laptop. It fits most models with a screen diagonal of 12 “-15.6” (30.5 – 39.6 cm), has a compact size of 370*265*50 mm and weighs 770 grams and will be a good addition to your laptop.

Reliable and stylish body

The surface is made of a durable metal alloy with perforations, providing smooth passage of the cooling air flow to the body of the notebook. Body material ensures uniform distribution of surface temperatures and rapid cooling. Stand is equipped with LED backlight and has an original design, attention to detail.

Slip base

Stand rubberized feet that eliminates sliding on any smooth surface. At the bottom of the working surface is provided emphasis preventing sezzhanie laptop even at steep angles.

The active cooling system

Cooling Pad is equipped with two silent coolers with increased flow capacity of 47.35 CFM 120 mm in diameter, creating the optimum temperature when using a laptop.

Change mechanism

Cooling Pad has several levels of viewing angle that allows you to configure the most optimal angle and provide the greatest comfort for prolonged use.

An additional USB port

Power coolers through a USB port. The main body of the cooling stand built two more port that lets you use more than one port.


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