79mm x 80mm x13mm Thermal roll


Sharp Imaging, Clear printing Thermal coating using imported chemicals, stable and good proformance, Long preservation time, High quality materials and good packaging.



High quality thermal paper roll smooth on both sides, high brightness, high tightness, smooth surface and practical  suitable for Point of sale printers and other receipt printing devices like scales, ETR machines, data loggers etc

  • Smooth surface
  • High Brightness
  • High tightness
  • High thermal print-outs
  • Available in whole sales.
Thermal paper roll;
  • Main Material: PAPER
  • Durable and dusty prove.
Areas of use;
  • Thermal Printers
    • Epos thermal Printers,
    • X thermal printers,
    • Aclas PP7X Thermal Printer.
  • Fiscal Printers
    • Aclas Fiscal printer etc



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